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So, the venue is booked, you’ve sorted the catering or at least, you’ve decided between a traditional wedding breakfast and a less formal buffet (or both!)  – now for the all-important wedding cake. Whilst we know that a tiered white wedding cake will never go out of fashion, there will always be ‘trends’ that you might want to incorporate to give your cake a modern twist.


Modern Royal – For their wedding in 2018, Duke and Duchess of Sussex strayed from tradition and opted for a deconstructed cake. Rather than the typical tiers stacked on top of one another; they chose to display each tier on its own cake stand, decorated with beautiful floral arrangements.
Picture: Kensington Palace
Tall Tiers – Elongated tiers are fast replacing the “short stacks” of old. Whether you opt for one singular tier or multi layers; the finished look is one of beauty and elegance.

Naked Cakes – The naked cake is one that has been around for a while now. However, by combining with the tall tiered trend and elongating the tiers, the naked cake is brought even more up to date and the look, is one of sheer beauty.
Geometric Designs – Geometric designs are the current “in thing”, whether you wish to have an alternative to the traditional circular or square tiers or want to add a geometric design to the cake decoration, this trend is something that shows unique creativity and doesn’t look to be going out of fashion any time soon.

Botanical Cakes – With the current penchant for all things green, botanical cakes have really taken on a life of their own. Whether you design your cake with plants using coloured icing or you opt for real leaves, the options are endless and so, so effective!

Something a bit different…?

For those of you that would like something a little different, perhaps cakes in the ‘sweet sense’ aren’t your thing; how about a Wedding Cheese Tower Cake?

With so many options available; from your standard cheeses to your artisan cheeses – most companies will have set towers but will also offer a bespoke service. With prices ranging from approx. £100 -£400; they are good for the wedding budget too!