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Newly engaged or in the process of getting married?
Today’s post is aimed towards you; providing some healthy and, hopefully, helpful tips as well as a checklist of sorts on aspects that will need addressing.

From the very beginning of this incredible journey there are a carousel of thoughts spinning round your mind: budget, theme, location, date!
But there’s no need to rush into anything. Wedding planning, as I’m sure you will have heard from others who have been through this experience, can be an incredibly stressful time.

Setting a Date

Before jumping off the deep end, take some time to just be present in the moment; enjoy the exciting time of being a fianc√© and relax.Don’t feel the pressure to book a date and venue in order to appease others!
Of course, as soon as you announce the news that you and your partner or engaged, the bombardment of questions begins: When’s the big day? Where are you having it? Can I be a bridesmaid? Who are you inviting?

Listen and Compromise

For some, there has been an idea of what their dream wedding will entail since childhood. The problem here is that conflicts can occur. Both parties might be dead set on their view which does not at all match what the other had in mind.It’s important here to compromise and listen to each other’s ideas with minimal judgement. See what interests you share and try and combine. Give a little, take a little–it’s all good practice for the future!


Being on a budget can be frustrating and constricting; the strict budget can be stressful, especially when there are so many wonderful suppliers offering a wide range of luxurious materials.
Planning your wedding should be a time of excitement and wonder, however many couples find themselves blowing a fuse. To help alleviate some of this pressure, here are a few tips.

You can also find some DIY Decor pointers on our other blog post ‘Chic DIY Decor For your Big Day’.

Prioritise between yourselves what are the absolute ‘must-haves’ for the wedding, and what can be dismissed. This may take some compromising. Some people might choose the decor, whereas others may choose food, music or venue.

When you’re looking for suppliers, do not go with the first one you speak to! You’ll be ever so annoyed when you find out someone else has the same plan/scheme as you but for much less money!

Some ways you might choose to budget when it comes to food include:

  • having a friend or family member who enjoys baking to make you a cake or a selection of fairy cakes — more often than not they’ll be flattered that you thought of them and to be such a big part of the day.
  • consider your food options. You don’t have to overdo it with a big buffet. A picnic or BBQ could be a nice change and something your guests will remember. It’s good to be different!

When it comes to the dress, don’t be scared to buy secondhand or even browse the high street boutiques! You don’t need to buy high-end/designer–after all, it’s how you wear a garment, not it’s name!
You can always make a dress more your own style by adding accessories like a ribbon to the waist, or a mid-length blazer.

It can also be helpful to stalk bridal designers and boutiques to keep on top of any sale announcements!
Don’t be reluctant to drive out for a bargain.


On top of the information you can find about DIY makes on our other post, titled ‘CHIC DIY DECOR FOR YOUR BIG DAY’, here are some alternative ways to save on decor and stationery.

Have a chalk board or mirror as use for a menu board, instead of having printouts which could end up costing a lot more.
Wooden palettes can be useful in many ways: use them as a backdrop or holder for a floral wall piece; as a place to display cakes, table plans, etc. If you’re wedding features a rustic theme, this style will be a great addition and very in-keeping.

We addressed photography briefly on our DIY post, but another way in which you can save is to have your guests send any photos they take to you via email. This saves on a photographer and is completely free!
If you have a friend who specialises in photography and is willing to do you a favour as a gift, all the better.


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