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Chic DIY Decor for your Big Day

Have you found yourself wandering the aisles of your local craft store lately? If so, you may have found that retailers are setting aside space to display extravagant shelves of rustic, classic and vintage accessories, ranging from faux florals, candles, lighting, garlands, stationery and chic-boho decor including birdcages and antique-style vases.

Many couples approach their big day with a budget in mind, however find that as the date draws closer, those purse-strings are tightening and start to panic.

One way to save those pounds is to DIY! Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to begin and what little creations you want to incorporate into your day, so here are a few ideas that maintain poise, a luxury vibe and may not even require craft supplies!

Save any jars used for sauces, jams, etc. You can wash these out and wrap with twine (you can find some laced with metallic threads for an extra pop of colour). Simply stick down with a hot glue gun. Alternatively wrap a ribbon around the neck of the jar, or paint completely with a colour of your choosing to create sweet vases. Wildflowers, floral trimmings from your garden or a florist for some gorgeous blossoms would be a great combo to this.

Alternatively, for a rustic-theme, display a combinations of flowers in old tree log. This unique and chic style will invoke an earthy feel to the day.

If your budget is tight or you just don’t fancy a professional photo-shoot, you can do your own for minimal spend. A new trend a lot of weddings are seeing is the use of fairy lights, garlands, flower walls, banners and tapestries. The use of one are a few of these can create a stylish and unique setup sure to wow your guests. If you have polaroid cameras, you can even have people hang their snaps on a pinup wall to add to the aesthetic.

Rather than spend big on a decorative wreath or two as statement pieces or hair accessories, why not make your own? Craft stores (and occassionally florists) will have bare rattan wreaths. With some faux flowers and a hot glue gun you can decorate your own to match your taste and preferences. To add a touch more glamour to this idea, try using gems and metallic beads.

With a little¬† extra time and creative flare you can even make a star shape in the centre of your wreath–use fallen twigs to keep that natural theme for decor.

You can find a vintage mirror at a boot sale or charity shop. These lost beauties can be reitalised with a new breath of life. Use metallic paint on the frame for an elegant look and use the reflective mirror surface as a arrival sign.