The perfect stag do

As we all know men need to celebrate the end of their single life and the beginning of their married one and there is a vast number of events and activities that you can do for your stag do.

For the individuals who love adrenaline there are day events where you can race dirt buggies and quad bikes. The buggies allow you to go full throttle round some challenging tracks and race to the flag before anyone else gets there. The quads allow you to race each other across some rough landscapes and seeing who can make it out on top.

If fast paced driving isn’t your thing there is even things like paintballing, gun shooting and clay pigeon shooting. These event will allow you to experience and test your accuracy first hand. Paintballing also brings an additional challenge as you have to try and make it out alive while being shot from every angle.

If you want something more sporty and entertaining than bubble football may be the answer. Two teams zorbed up (jump into a big inflatable ball) and allowed to charge at each other like a rugby game but its football. Who needs to kick the ball when you can ram into each other without the pain as a consequence. If you don’t like the idea of being in a ball then shock football may also be a good idea. It’s a normal football game until one person from each side gets control of the shock controls. It’s their choice who gets shocked and when they get shocked but with each player taking it in turns to be in control revenge attacks are always a good idea.

One event that you could do is a fake stag arrest. This will bring shock to some and laughter to others as the groom to be get arrested by fake police without being told. This is a great way to see what sort of natural reaction you can get out of the groom.

Less common activities for stag nights include things such as powerturns, minimoto racing, escape rooms and Archery tag. Powerturns provides a primitive driving experience that is enjoyable. Take your pick of two racers or go it alone with a low to the ground buggy steered by leavers in place of a wheel, creating a unique driving experience filled with wheelies and spins.  Minimoto racing provides another unique driving experience where you can race around an indoor track on a tiny 50cc bike.  Archery tag is a new type event crossing the world. Arm up with soft tipped arrows and a bow and let the war begin. Archery tag provides a high adrenaline paintball style battle but without the paint or pain of paintball. For those people who perhaps don’t enjoy high adrenaline activities there is even events such as escape rooms. This creates an experience where you have to work as a team to get out of a room together. There may be less activity and more thinking but it still allows you to be together and enjoy what you are doing.

There may be more traditional events that you want to do, things such lads holidays or pub crawls or a pub crawl on a lad’s holiday. These events are available too, with many places having pubs very close together so the night will not ‘die young’ and there is no need to worry about transport between them.

These are just a fraction of the events that are available for a stag night out; there hundreds of different possibilities and activities that you can do, its just finding what’s right for you.