A guide to your summer wedding:

With summer approaching and the weather improving brides all over the globe are preparing for their summer wedding. Every bride dreams of a beautiful sunny day for their wedding and when the UK hits a heat wave all brides are left with the question of how can we survive the heat? If you have planned an outdoor wedding you want to ensure that you and your guests are comfortable in the heat. You also want to ensure that your make up and hair stays perfectly intact during your big day – after all, you want to look your best. We have provided you all with a guide full of tips on how to ensure your day runs smoothly.

Pack an emergency kit:

Pack an emergency kit with all essentials to ensure your hair and make up stays in tact all day. We recommend that you include these essentials in your kit:

  • Oil blotting pads – oil blotting pads are always a life saver. They remove excess oil and sweat from your face and ensure that your make up stays matte and looking perfect.
  • Emergency deodorant / perfume – pack a deodorant to apply if you start to feel sweaty in the heat. Perfume is also an essential to ensure that you smell fresh all day.
  • Setting powder – setting powder is another essential make up supply to ensure that you’re make up doesn’t become runny or oily.
  • Bobby pins – bobby pins are a great hair accessory to pack into your emergency kit. If you have an up do that is starting to drop bobby pins can help to secure your style and keep your hair intact.
  • Sunscreen – be sure to apply sunscreen before getting ready for your big day. It is also a good idea to take a mini bottle of sunscreen to top up on areas of your skin that are not covered.

The right dress:

Finding the right dress to ensure that you are comfortable in the heat is important. Of course you want to look amazing but you also don’t want to be overheating and uncomfortable for the duration of the day.


If you want to remain cool on your wedding day it is important that you opt for a sleeveless dress. Sleeveless dresses always look classy and delicate and will allow your skin to breathe.


Lace gowns always look gorgeous in the sun as it highlights the details imprinted on the dress. The fabric also does not feel too heavy and always looks amazing (especially if you’re opting for a vintage look).

Trumpet silhouettes:

Trumpet silhouettes are very popular for destination weddings however, with the right weather in the UK this style dress is perfect. Trumpet silhouettes are the perfect mix of formal and casual so suit any ceremony ranging from a beach, a formal reception to a marquee.

Comfort is key:

Most importantly find the right dress that reflects your personality and style that you feel comfortable and beautiful in!

What to wear if you are are attending a summer wedding:

If you are attending a summer wedding you want to ensure that your outfit suits the required dress code but is also comfortable in the heat.


  • Wear a lighter coloured suit. This will stop you from overheating (colours such as black attract the heat) but also ensure that your outfit is suitable for the required dress code. Colours such as cream and light grey look formal but will keep you cooler than darker colours.
  • For more casual dress codes – brown chinos and a light shirt are the perfect combination of formal and casual. This is a much cooler option for hot days and also works great if you are attending a wedding abroad.


  • Opt for a light, flowy dress. A light, summery dress is perfect if you are attending a summer wedding, it is a classy look that is also cool. Both midi and maxi dresses would be perfect.
  • Instead of wearing a hat why not go for a fascinator. This will prevent your head getting hot and sweaty.
  • Jumpsuit – a jumpsuit will suit any type of wedding (formal and informal). A short sleeve, flared jumpsuit is a cool option that appears slightly more formal if the wedding you are attending has a stricter dress code.

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