Your perfect body, your perfect dress

Dress shopping for your big day can be a headache, and it's no wonder with all the different styles of dresses out there. If you're just starting to look for your dream dress, narrowing down your options by finding out which styles flatter your body shape is a great way to save time and stress in the store. Most people will not fit into one body shape "category", so don't fret! Every body is beautiful, and you are sure to look amazing on your wedding day - whichever dress you choose.


Shorter brides can tend to get lost in the fuller skirts that ballgowns and princess dresses have to offer. However, sheath dresses can look amazing on petite brides – especially ones that are made from chiffon, lace and silk as the fabric simply falls around you, outlining your body and creating a continuous line which draws the eye downwards and creates the illusion of height.

Another dress style which can work really well for petite brides is the tea length dress. These dresses are super fun and can look great on a short bride as it shows more of you and less of the dress, whilst also helping to elongate the legs. (Also, you get to show off your fab wedding day shoes!)


A rectangular body shape means that your shoulders, waist and hips are all more or less the same width. This is often referred to as a ‘straight’ or ‘sporty’ body shape.

Wedding dresses with full skirts work well for this figure as it can make your hips look wider. An excellent style choice would therefore be a ballgown style dress. Of course, you would be silly to think that it just ends at ballgown – there are so many different types that you can get, from relatively simple to full blown princess, so you have the whole spectrum to choose from. Choosing a dress with a funky neckline is a brilliant idea if you have a rectangular body shape as it creates angles and gives the dress more dimension.

Another style that looks amazing on this body shape is a bridal suit or jumpsuit. Bridal suits are refreshingly contemporary and can really make you look like a supermodel on your wedding day – no wonder they’ve become increasingly popular over the last few years.

Viva Bride by WED2B
Charlie Brear


If you have an hourglass figure, opting for a dress that accentuates your waist is a great idea. Sweetheart necklines are also brilliant for keeping the bust area and hips nicely balanced.

Mermaid dresses therefore look lovely on an hourglass figure, as do A line dresses with a dropped waist. Both of these styles are fitted around the waist and help to show off your feminine curves.

Anna Sorrano
Viva Bride by WED2B


Busty brides can often have a difficult time whilst shopping – it’s difficult to find a dress that isn’t too revealing but also not too constricting.

An excellent option for brides with a fuller bust is a dress with a square neckline. This offers support and shows some skin whilst still being fairly conservative. Another neckline that works is an off the shoulder dress, as it can cover cleavage but still offer a contemporary style.

Raimon Bundo
Ronald Joyce

Remember, this is simply a guide to help you narrow down options when finding your perfect dress. The world is your oyster - happy shopping!