Bride, Camera, Action!

If there’s anything that’s as important as your big day, it’s the memories of it that you cherish for the rest of your life. Photographs are one of the best ways to preserve these memories, hence why a good wedding photographer is a massive priority for a lot of brides.

Here at Essex Wedding Hub, we have our founding photographer Ross Willsher who specialises in wedding photography. Ross is very open to contemporary styles of shooting weddings, and does everything to assure the wedding runs smoothly, along with making sure he gets those perfect, breath taking shots.

As much as finding the perfect photographer can feel like the only thing you need to worry about, communication with them is also very important. To make the process easier, here are some questions to ask your pro – before and after you have booked them.

Ross Willsher, founding photographer at Essex Wedding Hub

1. Are you available for a recce at the venue before the wedding day?

Walking around the venue with your photographer without the stress and pressure of it being on your wedding day is a great opportunity to find the perfect spots for your shots, and also allows you to devise a plan with your photographer if the weather isn’t how you expect it to be.

2. Can I see a gallery from one wedding, morning to night?

This allows you to see how the photographer performs on the actual day – their portfolio will be filled with only their best shots, so seeing someone’s personal wedding gallery can give you a better idea of how well they perform when working all day long.

3. How much do you charge, and when will the deposit and final balance be due?

Having a clear deadline for all your costs will save a lot of financial stress when it comes to your wedding. The last thing you want is to find the perfect photographer and then realise too late that you cannot afford the deposit in time and lose out.

4. Would you be able to accommodate the ideas we have in mind?

This is the perfect question to ask your wedding photographer to see if you’re on the same page in terms of the style you want for your wedding album. Do you want something super contemporary and fun, or are you looking for something more traditional?

5. What is your procedure for if you fall ill and are unable to make it on the day?

Professional photographers should have a section in their contract outlining the offer of a full refund if they cannot make it on the day. Some good photographers will also have a trustworthy network of friends in the same business who can fill in on the day should they become ill.

Get involved!

Having a photographer for your wedding is important, but sometimes candid and unprofessional shots can be just as special. Here are some photography ideas to get your guests involved:

1. Disposable cameras

You can put one of these on each table for your guests to take photos throughout the day. Disposables are extra special because it’s like an extra wedding gift once all the film is developed – a good idea is to put all the good ones into an individual photo album so you can flick through them, or have them on display in your house.

2. Photo booth

Photo booths (although sometimes a tad pricey) are a great way to get your guests involved, especially when everyone’s had some champagne and the funny props come out. Most services will print each photo and then offer a digital and a printed album once the wedding is finished. These are also usually hired in certain time slots, so if you are planning on getting one of these you will need to organise so you know when they’re arriving and also when they’re leaving.

3. Photo sharing apps

A great way to see all the photos taken on the day of your wedding is to ask guests to download a photo sharing app (for example Veri). This app privately pools together everyone’s photos in real time – kind of similar to a hashtag. It’s a really great way to aggregate all of the media from the day and view it immediately.