Bridal Make Up Tips

Whether you are planning on hiring a make-up artist or doing your own make-up, Essex Wedding Hub has some great advice to guarantee you will turn heads. Here are some tips to help you decide how style your make-up as well as how to prepare your skin to ensure you are naturally glowing for your big day!


Make sure that you plan your make-up! This is so important but not something that everybody does and believe me you can tell the difference! Begin by researching various looks, whether it be a smokey eye or a light, glittery style it is necessary to look through different looks. Youtube tutorials, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram will help you to research different looks. If you are visiting an MUA ensure that you book a trial, most MUA’s offer this for a small price with no obligation to hire that MUA. Having a trial will allow you to try out your preferred look and make any changes to the overall look if necessary. If you are planning to do your own make-up, practise, practise and practise! Doing your own make-up can be stressful, especially if you do not know the look that you wish to achieve, to avoid stress on the day: research various products and find the products that best suit your skin, watch tutorials and pick up tips on how to create your look to perfection, learn your face, eye, nose and mouth shape – this will make a huge difference in noticing what make-up look will be best suited to enhance your natural beauty.

Prepare your skin:

Make up is the perfect way to cover any blemishes, spots and lines, however in order to guarantee you will look flawless it is important to take good care of your skin on the run up to your wedding day! Stay hydrated, this will help to keep your skin moisturised and prevent dry lips. Ensure you eat lots of healthy foods, veg, fish and good fats will help you glow from within as well as outside. Cleanse, tone and moisturise twice a day, Mario Badescu has some great skincare products at a very reasonable price, Bella Hadid and Kylie Jenner are both a fan of this skincare range. It is also recommended that you do a face mask at least once a week, The Body Shop has a great variety of facial masks for all skin types, they smell amazing and are all natural products, perfect for your skin!


Whether you prefer strip or individual lashes they are the perfect finishing touch for your make up. If you are choosing to get individual lashes done by a professional lash technician it is always a good idea to have a trial set of lashes to ensure that you like the way the lashes look. With hundreds of different types of strip lashes to choose from it may be a bit of fun to try a variety of different shapes and sizes out to find the perfect lashes to compliment your make up. Ensure that you invest in a good glue that will hold your lashes on all day and it may be worth taking the small bottle of glue in your bag just in case!

Primer & Setting Powder:

Not everyone realises the importance of using a primer, it allows make up to go on a lot smoother and lasts much longer. Primer also gets rid of that oily glow that can be noticeable underneath make-up as well as in pictures, a primer will diminish that and make your skin look beautiful and smooth. Setting powder/ setting spray is another really important tool to keep your make up perfectly in place. You want to be sure that your make up lasts throughout the whole day and evening, this isn’t an easy task always especially during an evening dancing! Setting powder can help to reduce the sticky feeling sometimes left after using foundation, it can also be used absorb excess oils. Urban Decay offer a great setting spray that has amazing reviews on how much the spray helps to keep your make up looking perfect all day and night!

We hope our tips help you to glow on your wedding day!

The Essex Wedding Hub Team x