Introducing… Sarah Jane Loves – Wedding Gifts

I think I may have been a magpie in a former life because anything shiny grabs my attention! Especially rings, rings seem to be my jewellery kryptonite so when I was given my first proper ring for my 18th birthday, I was in love. The ring has a beautifully simple design encasing a delicate, single diamond with a white gold finish. It is absolutely perfect for me.
And that’s the thing about jewellery; there are so many unique designs that it’s possible to choose an item that reflects something completely unique for you.

Having said that, although there are thousands of different brands and designs, there’s always going to be someone else that has chosen the exact same piece of jewellery that you have. On your wedding day, this is exactly the kind of catastrophe you want to avoid, so if you fancy personalising your jewellery one step further, let me introduce… ‘Sarah Jane Loves’.

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Sarah and Jane are two entrepreneurial Mum’s who have been friends and colleagues for nearly 9 years. Their most recent venture; ‘Sarah Janes Loves’ is a direct selling company offering unique jewellery. These ladies are the definition of multi-tasking and they love interacting with their customers (being a full-time mum whilst heading up a big-time jewellery company, isn’t as easy as these guys make it look!)

Sarah Jane Loves offers a selection of beautiful earrings, bangles, bracelets and lockets, all as unique as the person wearing them.
They have developed a signature piece of jewellery known as a memory locket. But these lockets aren’t your run of the mill locket because they allow their wearers to change and personalise the contents.

Let me explain…

1. Select the colour, shape and size of the locket.

2. Add a screen or coin – These can have your own few words engraved upon them or even a photo of your choice.

3. Add your selected charms – over 100 tiny charms to choose from.

4. Choose a chain for your locket to hang on.

VOILA! You have a personalised quirky locket that will not only make you stand out in the crowd but will last a lifetime.

This wonderful selection of jewellery is sold by their team of stylists who supply the items at home shopping parties, online and at fetes and fayres. You can also buy any item through ‘Sarah Janes Loves’ main web page here.

If you’re checking out The Essex Wedding Hub, I’m going to take a wild guess and say you’ve got your own or somebody else’s big day coming up. So if you’re at a loss of what to get your bridesmaids for thank you tokens, want to give the bride a special keepsake or simply looking to catch one of the groomsmen’s eye, ‘Sarah Jane Loves’ can certainly sort you out!

One of my best friends gets married next year and I already know exactly which charms I’m going to pick for her, I might even choose one for myself whilst I’m at it!