Introducing… Leanne Perilly Wedding Make Up Artist

Make-up shouldn’t be used as a mask to hide your imperfections, it should be used as a tool to enhance your natural beauty, and let’s face it, us women are all gorgeous in our own way. We’ve each perfected our techniques in applying our own make-up, but sometimes for a special occasion (perhaps your Wedding Day?) we need that professional touch to enhance the look. When in need, make sure you treat your skin with the care it deserves and speak with Leanne Perilly.

Looking your best on your Wedding Day isn’t just to impress your partner, although they’ll throw you a few compliments anyway if he knows what’s good for him, it’s mainly about making you feel like the best version of yourself so you can enjoy the attention your bound to get and embrace it!

Leanne Perilly is a local Essex/London based Make-up Artist that concentrates on individuality for each client. With 13 years’ experience as a freelance Make-up Artist, an IMA (International Make-up Award) from the London School of Beauty and Make-up, attendance to the Greasepaint academy to study Airbrushing and finally a VTCT Level 3 diploma in teaching and assessing Cosmetic Make-up, it’s safe to say you’re in talented hands with Leanne!

The awards and teachings speak for themselves but what does Leanne have to say for herself…

“I love individuality, everyone is different and I love helping women look and feel great about themselves, this is why I do lots of charity work. I visit Hospices to carry out Makeovers for women with cancer and terminal illnesses to give them a bit of pampering and to take their minds off their circumstances.”

Girl Power! Leanne really is all about her clients and making them feel amazing. This example is only a snippet of the work she carries out but it portrays her unique style of working beautifully. She has the impressive credentials and experience, but also has the commitment and attitude that means her work isn’t just a job, it’s a skill she offers to the world!

Let’s move away from the mushy sentiments and break down the cold hard facts:


• Leanne is completely independent of any brand so her advice and brand choice is totally impartial and genuine.

• Leanne offers Bridal, Special Occasion and Photoshoot Make-up.

• Individual or group lessons and parties can be provided by Leanne and her team.

• A Personal Shopping experience can be booked to ensure you are buying the right products and aren’t influenced by the Marketing tricks of the trade.

• Skincare is an essential part of the make-up application process and Leanne offers advice on how to achieve your skins full potential.

As if all of this isn’t enough, just to give you a sneak preview of what Leanne is working with now, Leanne has shared with me a few of her favourite products. She can’t work without her ‘Daniel Sandler Sculpt and Slim contour and highlight palette’, ‘MAC Highlighter in Double Gleam’ to highlight the eyes and any area of the face, her ‘Arbonne Foundations’ which are incredibly versatile and suit so many different skin types and ages and finally, her favourite colours at the moment are ‘Mac’s Pigment in Platinum’ and ‘a natural flirt’ eyeshadow colour.

If you do have a special occasion or just fancy a pamper, Leanne Perilly is definitely your go-to-girl so before you all book her up, whilst I sit here writing to you all with a naked face, I think I’ll go give Leanne a call myself…

In the meantime, head on over to Leanne’s official  social media pages for more of her story:


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